Monthly archives: July, 2012

Push to Start Episode 11

Billy, Davide, Tony talk hard drive firmware, Steam, Dead Rising 2, Quantum Conundrum, Gordon Ramsay.

Video Game Jocks Podcast 7/17/2012

In this episode, we talk about More Modern Warfare 3, Quantum Conundrum, Plague Inc., the Ongoing Steam Sale, the Ouya, Contagion, Breaking Bad, Newsroom, NBA Free Agency, We Begin Our Search for the Hottest Ladies Around the World and More!

Push to Start Episode 10

Tony, Davide and Billy talk about Spec Ops: The Line, Not Playing the Vita, Mass Effect 3, Gamey Games, the Return of Breaking Bad, Davide’s Place of Origin and Beer!

Video Game Jocks Podcast 7/12/2012

In this episode, we talk about the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 DLC, Quantum Conundrum, Amazing Alex, the next Batman game, Newsroom, Louie, Magic Mike, Amazing Spiderman, UFC 148, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More!