A Great Day To Be Good Looking [Update]

Today, I was bestowed a great honor by Microsoft’s own Trixie. I was named one of the 10 cutest boys in video games.

While I would maintain I was always a member of that list, it is great to have that fact put into an official list. Also, to be joined on that list by great industry and community members is also an honor. Being new to the list, I know that there are some people who had to be taken off but I hope this serves as a reminder to keep up with their looks.

Thanks again to Trixie, genetics and, of course, me.

Update:  This post was, indeed, an April Fool’s Joke. Our friend Steven had been living off the fact that Trixie named him one of the top 10 cutest boys in gaming for nearly 2 years and needed to be taken down a peg even if he is a good gamer and use the best gaming headsets for pc for playing.

I hope you enjoyed it, or at least the picture of Steve in a coconut bra.

Thanks to Trixie for helping me with this!