Burnout DLC: Crash and Burn?

Throughout 2008, the folks at EA and Criterion supported Burnout Paradise with high quality downloadable content and did it for free. This seemed to be a new and more gamer friendly approach to DLC. Then, starting this year with the Party Pack, all the free DLC stopped and paid content began. The only problem: all that good will with gamers has seemed to stop on account of it.

While selling extra content for games seems like a great idea for extra money, it comes at the cost of a large contingent of gamers who do not like the idea and feel as if they are being nickel and dimed even if the content is substantial. The Burnout team had been doing something that many hardcore game makers have been unable to do outside of triple A mega-hits. They continued selling games for a full year where many game sales peter out in a month or two from launch.

Now that many gamers have seemed to have moved on and the latest and possibly most promising DLC pack (the recently dated Cops and Robbers pack) is less than two weeks away from launch, did EA and Criterion do something wrong or are gamers wrong to expect everything be delivered to them free of charge?