Become inFamous in June

The PS3-exclusive, open world action title inFamous will be hitting store shelves this June. The PlayStation Blog also tells us that a demo with more details on when and how (hopefully not another GameStop pre-order) you’ll be able to get a hold of that.

I have been excited about this game since last year’s E3 when it was first shown to the public. What I am not excited about is the fact that both inFamous and it’s multiplatform competition, Activision’s Prototype, will be coming out in the same month. If these games were spaced even 2 months apart, they potentially could both be hits. Now it seems that the gaming public will have to either make a decision as to which open world game they pledge their dollars.

Does the fact that inFamous and Prototype are coming out in the same month force you to make a decision or will June be a big month for open world action games?