The Beatles: Rock Band Launching 9/9/09

The most famous musical group of all-time is going to be coming to a console near you this fall when The Beatles: Rock Band launches on 9/9/09. The game will be available, in standard Rock Band fashion, as a standalone game or as a Limited Edition Premium Bundle for a whopping $249.99 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

According to the press release, the game “will allow fans to pick up the guitar, bass, mic or drums and experience The Beatles extraordinary catalog of music through gameplay that takes players on a journey through the legacy and evolution of the band’s legendary career. In addition, The Beatles: Rock Band will offer a limited number of new hardware offerings modeled after instruments used by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr throughout their career.”

The Beatles are clearly the most recognizable band on the planet. Everyone knows at least one of their songs and will garner a great amount of attention. That being said, many people seem to be fatigued of plastic instruments and yearly, or quarterly in Guitar Hero’s case, releases with more plastic instruments.

Will The Beatles have enough pull to sell big? Has the music games genre peaked and not even the band bigger than Jesus can bring it back? Will the Dreamcast 2’s launch overshadow it all? We’ll see this fall.