Sony Finally Advertising for Killzone 2

As we spoke about on the latest episode of the podcast, Sony has done a terrible job in marketing what seems to be the biggest exclusive title for the PS3 in the first half of 2009, Killzone 2. The game is a mere 8 days from release, hitting store shelves on the work and school friendly release date of Friday February 27th, and there has been little to no advertising push behind the game and, here in America, the demo is still not available to anyone who wants it thanks to GameStop exclusivity.

With that, Sony has actually decided that they should be promoting a game which they would like to do well. It is a novel idea and it may just work for those kooky kids at Sony. This spot will be hitting a TV channel near you and shows off how pretty the game is but not much else.

To show that the very good looking commercial is exactly what you will get when you purchase Killzone 2, a playable version of this TV spot will be available for download on the PSN and will include the ability to maneuver the camera about the environment and listen to developer commentary. That very cool marketing ploy will be available in March. Oh, what’s that? You say the game comes out in February? I did say that Sony was not that great at this whole advertising thing.

What do you think of this (non-playable) Killzone 2 commercial?