Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Priced, Dated

Unlike many other titles, Criterion’s Burnout Paradise has garnered much support and good will from fans over it’s year on store shelves and availability on the PlayStation Network. That is largely because, up until the Party Pack which was released nearly 2 weeks ago, it has all been free and quite substantial.

While the Party Pack, which offered the ability to play offline multiplayer while the games strength is its drop-in, drop-out online system, may not have set the Internet ablaze, the Legendary Car pack, which features homages to famous cars of film, is probably just the thing that Burnout Paradise owners will want to get behind to pay back Criterion for their year plus of hard work.

The Hunter Manhattan Spirit (Ghostbusters’s Ecto 1), Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger (The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee) and Carson GT Nighthawk (Knight Rider’s KITT) will be available this week for $1.99 this Thursday, February 19th. As will the Jensen 88 Special (Back to the Future’s DeLorean) but at a higher price tag of $3.99. The entire four car bundle will be available for the cheaper price of $7.99.

While $7.99, or 600 MS points, may sound steep, the cool factor of riding around Paradise City in a hovering Jensen 88 Special is too good to pass up.

Will you be picking any or all of the Legendary Cars for Burnout Paradise this Thursday?