New Releases 1/12/2008: The Precious

Less than two weeks into 2009 and we are already upon our first truly noteworthy release. EA brings back the Lord of the Rings franchise in a game that will be great for fans of the LOTR universe and those who love to play online with their friends as well.

Lord of the RIngs Conquest does not put players in the more familiar role of members of the fellowship but rather the more general roles of warrior, archer, scout, mage and, if you play well enough, hero. As one of those player types, teams, which can play together in the same room or via online co-op, will navigate the world in a fast paced MMO-style hack and slash. Having tried the demo, this one seems much more worthwhile if you plan on playing along with some friends as playing the game alone could be laborious and repetitive.

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What will you be picking up this week?