My First World of Warcraft Experience

To be honest, I have tried MMO sensation World of Warcraft before. I’ve tried playing from the first level in one of the free trials and, unlike most things in video games, I simply did not get it. Running around, killing baby wolves for a pittance in experience points for about 5 minutes with no reward, goal or satisfaction in sight made me wonder “what was I doing?” The demo was deleted a few minutes later.

Late yesterday, I was asked by co-host Davide to play some World of Warcraft. I’m sure he thought, with my opinion of the game known, that there was no chance of me agreeing but, with a minor bout with insomnia going on and nothing better to do, I agreed.

Getting the game downloaded took only a few minutes. Getting my headset to work; that was a different story. Technical difficulties, wrong settings and several mics later and finally Skype and WoW were up and going. Time to play for again for the first time.

We started off in the Horde home base. I learned how to do three key things: move, chat and dance. The latter, along with jumping, occupied the next 10 or so minutes. After engaging a fellow Horde member in a conversation that I am sure he did not get, we headed into the world.

Using one of Davide’s character (yes, he has more than one) that was already a level 11 and playing and chatting with someone that knew what they were doing made getting started and acclimated to the game much easier. Since the character had already been leveled up and used a bit, there were already some quests, spells and items acquired. With him as my guide, we ventured into the world and began to take out random creatures in an effort to level. Something which I believed was taking forever but apparently we had been leveling an extremely fast pace due to some promotional triple xp we were gaining.

We continued to slay wild boar, scorpion, velociraptor, stegosaurus and other creatures for a while before I had realized a couple of key features: I could control my players movement with the W, A, S and D keys and could cast spells with the number keys. I was certainly the n00b in this situation.

Now that I new how to properly move, attack, heal and high five I was on my way to leveling up and picking up rare loot like a seasoned vet. Despite my reservations, some unfounded, some not, we continued to slaughter creatures at a great clip and chatted away. Time flew by and, nearly 2 short hours later, I had leveled up twice and helped Davide do the same.

By the time we drew the session to a close, it having ended by way of getting kicked offline and taking it as a sign I should rest, I had actually had an enjoyable enough time and even remarked that, if this were Sony’s PlayStation Home, it would be a big improvement. Despite the fact that it seemed like more of something you would do, like a next-gen version of Solitaire or Minesweeper, rather than a game and the outrageous overpricing of the game and service, when played with friends and just smiting boars in the background, I would say my first World of Warcraft experience was a pretty good one.