Conduit Devs See Success on Wii

The Conduit

Despite third party titles not selling extremely well, especially those that feature guns and violence, save for a few titles, High Voltage Software seems to have great hope for their new shooter, The Conduit.

When asked by MTV’s Multiplayer Blog as to why there are not more “hardcore” third party titles on the Wii, High Voltage CEO Kerry Ganofsky had the following to say:

I think some developers and publishers were scared by the initial batch of games that were released on the Wii. It was hard to convince anyone that there even was a core market, let alone one that would support original games. Early on we asked ourselves, “What kind of game do we want to play on the Wii?” and “What do we think other Wii gamers really want?” The answer to those questions and many more was “The Conduit.”

While I am sure that High Voltage believes in their product, it is a hard sell for most any third party title on the Wii. This kind of game is just not what the audience cultivated by Nintendo, full of soccer moms, grandparents and young children, is looking for. There have been some exceptions but, generally, these types of games have not fared nearly as well as their bright, family friendly, mini-game filled counterparts. Maybe the folks at High Voltage can turn the tide for the core gaming contingent who own a Wii but doubt that a game without “Wii” or “Mario” in the title will get Wii owners to retail to pick this one up.

Does The Conduit have an opportunity to be big hit for the Wii in 2009?