New Release Snap Judgements 10/13/2008

We now enter the middle of October and the big guns are starting to show themselves. Games that will dominate your wallet, time and game of the year lists are being released and will so for a solid month and beyond. This week we have almost too much to choose from. So, let’s get to it.

Dead Space (Xbox 360, PS3)

Already being mentioned as a possible contender for awards, this survival horror effort from EA is said to be similar to the movie Event Horizon. While survival horror is certainly not my cup of tea, if you’re into the Resident Evils of the world, you will probably not be disappointed.

Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

When the original Saints Row was released, many said it was an upgrade to the open world crime game genre from the likes of Grand Theft Auto. Whackier and more fun than it’s serious, cinematic cousin, it is for the player that likes the ability to do whatever they like in an open world game with a loose, over the top narrative.

FIFA Soccer 2009 (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, PC) Pick of the Week

The beautiful game may not be that popular in America but the video game version is always a fun time. The game will take the “Be a Pro” mode found in its EA brethren and expand it to feature up to 11 vs 11 online play. In a tough week, this would be the game I would go due to just how fun that mode, which EA has put into a multitude of it’s games, has been.

SOCOM: Confrontation (PS3, PSN)

The SOCOM franchise finally makes the leap to the PS3 and in a multitude of fashions. You can purchase the game or the bundle, which comes with the very snazzy PS3 headset at retail or simply purchase the game on the PSN. I had a chance to play the beta and, while it is not the worst game in the world, the inclusion of the headset is the only thing that makes parting with $59.99 for this game worth it. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably like it. If not, stay away unless you really want the headset.

Blitz: The League II (Xbox 360, PS3)

The one thinng Blitz had going for it was that it was cartooney and over-the-top. All the while being lighthearted. The latter is no longer true as The League has a super gritty, over dramatized version of football. Other than the storyline, there is no reason to pick this game up. The gameply is not in the same league as Madden and there won’t be that many people to play it with.

Rock Revolution (Xbox 360, PS3, DS)

When a genre, such as rhythm games, becomes popular there are bound to be imitators. Enter Rock Revolution. This game is already in trouble as instruments for the game, other than drums, have been canceled. Unless there are songs on its playlist that you just must have, you’re ok to pass.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider (Xbox 360, PS3)

Where to start? Imagine taking an old franchise, branding it a classic worthy of being remade for new hardware, then making the game but changing the gameplay completely to include one of the worst gimmicks possible. You would have Golden Axe: Beast Rider. Just say no, kids.

Sam and Max: Season One (Wii)

The genre of episodic, story-driven, comedy games is certainly not a good one. That being said, I can’t believe a game that is only coming to the Wii, and priced to move at $29.99, can be anything more than a bargain basement money grab. Unless you know you will love this one, you probably will regret it.

What will you be picking up this week?