New Release Snap Judgements 09/22/2008

Another big week of releases as we hurdle toward Christmas. We have a WWII FPS, a Lego themed action game, a quiz game, a rhythm game, a Mario nemesis platformer, return of the Blue Bomber and an expansion to a popular PC franchise.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (Xbox 360, PS3)

Although the trend is certainly slowing, we have yet another WWII shooter. Although there is a loyal base for this franchise, the group that will be buying it is too small to warrant taking a flyer on the game unless you are in that hardcore group. This is a pass.

LEGO Batman (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, PSP, PC)

While the idea of playing as the Caped Crusader in a built-from-block Gotham sounds like fun, I question just how many times I can play bad looking, baby versions of games based on properties I like. While the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games had their moments, I will not be showing up for the fourth game in the series.

Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3) & Buzz! Master Quiz (PSP) – Picks of the Week

The Buzz games finally make their way to the PS3 and PSP and they should make for a great time across the entire Sony lineup. With the PS3 versions ability to take user generated questions and the PSP being able to be passed around for party play, these two should be hits. I will certainly be picking the PS3 version up and making questions galore.

Samba de Amigo (Wii)

If a game is better suited for the Wii controls, I cannot imagine what that game would be. The game is in a flooded genre and is certain to induce more than its fair share of seizures. If you’re looking for a rhythm game for the Wii that requires less skill than Rock Band and Guitar Hero, this would be the one.

Warioland: Shake It! (Wii)

Wario has never gotten as much love as his nemesis in red. That being said, Wario has always been the star of many great games. While Wii games tend to be not of the best quality, especially for the hardcore gamers, the track record for Wario looks good.

Mega Man 9 (XBLA, PSN, Wii Ware)

The Blue Bomber is back and, unfortunately, it looks like the graphics from the NES came with him. While die hard fans will love the return to the classic series, I don’t think I can look at 8-bit graphics for that long without wondering why?

Civilization IV: Colonization (PC)

Civilization IV is huge and this expansion should help add even more depth to a game which already has 3-4 hour long marathon matches to begin with. Anyone who owns the original should pick this one up.

What games are you picking up this week?