Monthly archives: September, 2008

Video Game Jocks Podcast 09/30/2008

In this episode, we talk about New DS Rumors, Halo 3 Title Update 2, the New Xbox Live Experience, Gears 2 Coming with Free DLC, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More! [MP3] Direct Download Format: 100:27, 46.0 MB, MP3

New Release Snap Judgements 09/29/2008

This week is not nearly as jam packed as the past few weeks but it does give you time to catch up on those titles ahead of the deluge that is coming in October and November. Silent Hill: Homecoming (Xbox 360, PS3) The first next gen Silent Hill is said to be a return to…

VGJ Contest: Know About Mega Man? Win A Poster! [Update]

In celebration of the release of Mega Man 9 on XBLA, PSN and Wii Ware, we are teaming up with our friends at Capcom to give away Capcom XBLA games to three lucky winners. To win, you will have to go over to our message boards where you’ll find a series of Mega Man trivia…


After Countdown, Bungie Unveils New Project

After a 12-hour countdown, Bungie has unveiled a teaser trailer for their new project. The trailer features the Superintendent, the same character that has been seen on Bungie’s site during the countdown, and not much else. The trailer seems to point to the fact that this new project will take place within the time frame…


Video Game Jocks Podcast 09/23/2008

In this episode, we are joined by Mik of The Fanboys as we Interview NHL ’09 Producer Matt Mahar, we talk about Home, Bungie’s Superintendent, the Halo 3 Title Update, Pub Games, Answer Your Listener Mail and More! [MP3] Direct Download Format: 95:17, 43.7 MB, MP3

New Release Snap Judgements 09/22/2008

Another big week of releases as we hurdle toward Christmas. We have a WWII FPS, a Lego themed action game, a quiz game, a rhythm game, a Mario nemesis platformer, return of the Blue Bomber and an expansion to a popular PC franchise. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (Xbox 360, PS3) Although the trend is…