Free Map, Gamer Pics for Bungie Day ’08 [Update]

Bungie’s weekly update has just let it be known that, as part of the Bungie Day (July 7th for all those that do not pray at the alter of Bungie) festivities, the makers of Halo will be giving away a remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved map Chill Out call Cold Storage as well as 7 exclusive gamerpics which will only be available on Monday.

Chill Out is still considered to be amongst the best and most well liked maps in the entire Halo franchise and the remake, which was first unveiled at an MLG event in San Diego a few weeks ago, brings back a lot of the notable features of the original with a Halo 3 coat of paint on top. For the low price of on-the-house, how can anyone argue that this is not a great present to the millions of Halo fans around the world?

Also to commemorate the day, the price of the Legendary map pack, which features Blackout, Avalanche and Ghost Town, will be receiving a price drop to 600 MS Points (approximately $7.50).

Who is going to be joining the Video Game Jocks for a Cold Storage marathon on 7/7?

[Update: Replaced screenshot with Seven7h Day ViDoc]