New Release Snap Judgements 6/16/2008

A special week in new releases as we find the shelves of retailers around the country void of new Xbox 360 or PS3 titles. We do have some nostalgia, ports and a part of a game to keep us occupied this week.

Rock Band (Wii)

Wii finally gets its version of Rock Band. With Wii owners’ penchant for peripherals, this one may not be that hard a sell, despite the hefty price tag. The game will not have the ability to incorporate DLC like it’s next-gen cousins but retails discs will add new content down the road. Plus, do we owners even care about going online?

Secret Agent Clank (PSP)

Ratchet’s sidekick finally gets a starring turn and it is in a stealth action game for the PSP. Reviewers seem to find the game repetitive, using abilities Clank gains to clear areas stealthily and moving to the next area. If you’re a hardcore fan of the Ratchet and Clank series, and actually purchase PSP games, this may be for you.

Space Invaders Extreme (PSP, DS) – Pick of the Week

Yes, this is indeed an updated version of THAT Space Invaders. And, despite the game being older than a lot of people who will be playing it, the game is actually very good and, at a price tag of only $19.99, a great value. Using the stylus to move your ship and destroying the oncoming enemy hordes seems like a perfect fit. That, plus the updated look, will make the experience seem fresh and fun all over again.

Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS)

The Guitar Hero franchise has been a phenomenal success the past several years. That being said, I don’t know if many DS owners will be willing to spend more than most other games on the handheld ($49.99) to embarass themselves in public. If that’s the case, they will probably just want to play it at home but then why not simply play the console version they probably already own? Yeah, this one could be a tough sell.

Spore Creature Creator (PC)

Spore has been the Game of the Show at E3 for several years running. I guess that means that they can sell the first, most basic portion of the game for $9.99 prior to the games actual release. If you are super gungho to get your hands on anything Spore, then you may be interested. If you are a normal person with self respect, just wait for the retail release of Spore on September 7th.

What will you be picking up this week?