New Release Snap Judgements 5/26/2008

This week the video game industry has given us a bunch of less-than-stellar fair to enjoy during the four-day week. It being Memorial Day, I guess we were given memorials to the “another first person shooter,” “repackaged game” and “old game on a new system” staples of the past few years.

Enemy Territories: Quake Wars (Xbox 360, PS3)

Yet another first person shooter for the Xbox 360. I had an opportunity to see the game at NY Comic Con and it seemed just like every other second rate shooter out there. Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 still work, so why even bother?

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition (Xbox 360, PC) – Pick of the Week

Lost Planet was one of those titles that did very well but never hit critical mass with the general gaming audience. This repackaging gives more content, in the form of new modes, multiplayer maps and playable character,all for a very palatable $29.99 price tag.

Death Jr.: Root of Evil (Wii)

At one time, Death Jr. was believed to be an up and coming platformer that, if given some polish, could be something special. Now, the franchise is, at best, a third rate platformer that has become shovelware on the home of weekly doses of shovelware.

USA Today Crosswords Challenge (DS)

Although games are in production for months and years, it does seem that when a seemingly good title in any genre is released, Crossword DS, a lesser-than imitator is sure to follow.

Mass Effect (PC)

A very PC titles for the Xbox 360 finally makes its way to the motherland. Mass Effect for the PC is almost identical to the Xbxo 360 version and comes with a code to download the games first downloadable content for free.

What, if anything, will you be picking up this week?