New Release Snap Judgements 5/5/2008

In celebration on Cinco de Mayo, the video game industry has decided to bestow us with gift of mediocrity this week. Maybe “mediocrity” is the wrong word, maybe it’s more a case of “if you’re into that kind of thing.”

Boom Blox (Wii)

A game predicated on blowing blocks up in order and the different effects that the different blocks have. In light of Brawl and Mario Kart being released, most Wii owners, unless they just want any halfway decent title to justify the console, will probably be too busy for this one.

Call of Duty 4: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)

The special edition of COD4, packed with a code for the new Variety Map Pack, finally makes its way to thePS3. If you do not  have the game yet and want to, this is a great deal.

Speed Racer (Wii, DS)

While the movie looks surprisingly good, the game is only on the Wii and DS. This is not a matter of exclusivity but, probably, a matter of a huge money grab. I would take a pass on this one.

Crosswords DS (DS)

There has already been a crosswords title of note for the DS but this is the one that Nintendo is making and marketing themselves. If you have any interest in a crosswords game for you handheld, this is probably the one to get.

Baseball Mogul 2009 (PC) – Pick of the Week

All of those who are intrigued by the statistics and talent management aspects of baseball should already know about the Baseball Mogul franchise. Just picking teams and managing them, without playing the games, may not sound like fun but it is and is almost always addictive.

What games are you picking up this week?