Monthly archives: May, 2008

VGJ Review: Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)

Any time a game is released it comes with certain expectations. Whether they be great or small, those expectations can dictate the way many see the game, true or not. Grand Theft Auto IV comes with expectations that far surpass almost any game ever made. Some have called it “Game of the Year” and a…

Video Game Jocks Episode 90

In this episode we talk about the State of Fighting Games, MGS 4 Cut Scenes, Resident Evil 5 Co-Op, Bioshock Coming to the PS3, COD 5 Getting Delayed, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More! [MP3] Direct Download Format: 106:03, 60.7 MB, MP3


New Release Snap Judgements 5/26/2008

This week the video game industry has given us a bunch of less-than-stellar fair to enjoy during the four-day week. It being Memorial Day, I guess we were given memorials to the “another first person shooter,” “repackaged game” and “old game on a new system” staples of the past few years. Enemy Territories: Quake Wars…

Video Game Jocks Episode 89

In this episode we talk about the April NPD Numbers, Metal Gear Solid’s Future, Possible Spring Dashboard Update Features, Rock Revolution, Pokemon Platinum, Hitler Getting Banned From Mario Kart Wii, We Answer Your Listener Mail and More! [MP3] Direct Download Format: 104:55, 60.1 MB, MP3

New Release Snap Judgements 5/19/2008

This week brings us the biggest release of the year to casual gamers, soccer moms and morning talk show hosts around the world. It also brings an iterative sports title and another first person shooter for the hardcore gamers. Wii Fit (Wii) Here is Nintendo’s version of a summer blockbuster. Wii Fit is selling out…

Assault Heroes 2 Contest

We here at the Video Game Jocks are going to be giving away some free swag to some lucky gamers who play Sierra’s Assault Heroes 2, now available on the XBLA for 800 MS Points. Five gamers will win themselves a crispy Assault Heroes 2 hat. In order to win the hat, all you’ll have…