New Release Snap Judgements 4/21/2008

Ahead of a monster week, which will feature two of the year’s biggest releases, the new releases for this week are solid but not nearly on the level of next week’s releases.

NBA Ballers: Chosen One (Xbox 360, PS3) – Pick of the Week

Midway’s answer to the NBA Street series is more focused on the life of a star in the NBA and unless you’re interested in basketball and bling this is probably a pass. However, if that is exactly your type of thing, then this is assuredly the game for you.

Battle of the Bands (Wii)

A simplified version of Rock Band, which requires no extra peripherals, that also mashes different styles of music for players sounded like it would be a commercial hit but, with the recent announcement that Rock Band would indeed make it’s way to the Wii, there has been no marketing and little fanfare for this title. Wait for the real thing in May.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (PS2)

This rerelease of Persona 3 features new content that can be continued with a save from the previous title or, if you’re a fan but no longer have your save, you can simply start with the new content. Probably would dive into a rerelease unless you’re a fan of the previous titles.

The World Ends With You (DS)

A brand new RPG from Square Enix that is exclusively on the DS but, unlike most other Square Enix RPGs, this one is set in modern Japan. If you’re interested in RPGs of the non-fantasy nature, this could be for you.

What games do you plan on picking up this week?