New Release Snap Judgements 4/7/2008

Much like last week, this week’s new releases are almost nonexistent save for some games that have been broken up from one of the best gaming packages to date.

Half Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2 (PC)

While not a big fan of the series, having only played a few moments of Episode 1, I would say to pass based on the fact that there is a third episode to be released and, if you don’t have them already, you might as well wait and get them all together.

Half Life 2: Portal (PC) – Pick of the Week

At $19.99, this game of the year contender is a great deal if you are not interested in the other portions of the Orange Box.

Half Life 2: Team Fortress 2 (PC)

By most accounts, this is a fun shooter but, with so many great alternatives, I can’t imagine it’s worth it all by itself.

So, what are you planning on picking up this week?