Phil Harrison Resigns, Moving to Atari?

Worldwide Sony Boss Phil Harrison has resigned from his post and, in a puzzling turn of events, is now rumored to be on his way to Atari.

Harrison had recently been publicly critical of the management of Sony as having been short sighted with regards to social gaming’s appeal to the Japaese gaming public. I guess this would mean that this was not a blip on the radar but rather things coming to a boil. It still seems strange to leave Sony when the tide, with the PS3 price falling, the number of good games rising and the next gen format war ending with a Blu-Ray victory, seems to be turning in the favor of the current number 3 in the home console war. It seems even more strange to go from a company that, despite hiccups, is still in a dominant, stable position in the gaming industry to a company that, history aside, is almost constantly on the brink of bankruptcy.

This move now makes way for Kaz Hirai to take the helm of Worldwide PlayStation operations. Hirai had, as of last year, been the number three man for PlayStation but, after Harrison’s resignation and Ken Kutaragi’s forced retirement, now ascends to the top spot.